Join us

Job Responsibilities:

1. Independently develop overseas markets and develop foreign customers.

2. Communicate and negotiate with foreign businessmen, sign intentions and contracts.

3. Maintain customer relationship, understand the customer's market dynamics, and regularly report the work situation to the leader.

4. Receive visiting foreign customers, introduce the company's products, and send samples according to customer requirements.

5. Graduated from e-commerce and related majors, working experience in online stores, community group buying or part-time job drainage is preferred.

6. Those who have relevant work experience in weak current engineering are preferred.

Job requirements:

1. Proficient in using Internet tools such as search engines, good at communication, active in thinking, strong in oral expression, and able to independently develop customers.

2. Familiar with the foreign trade process, good at handling customer inquiries, have a certain ability to develop the market, and have strong organizational coordination, communication, response and business negotiation capabilities.

3. Responsible, dedicated, hardworking, able to withstand greater pressure, have a strong sense of self-management and the spirit of perseverance and never give up, teamwork spirit is particularly important.

4. Sales experience in the cable industry is preferred, and outstanding fresh graduates are welcome to join us, and we can train them for a long time.

5. Graduates majoring in Vietnamese, International Trade, English, French, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic are preferred. 

Job benefits

five social insurances and one housing fund, full attendance bonus, paid annual leave, holiday benefits, big cows leading the team, free food, regular team building, double salary at the end of the year.